Company Rossfaght Co., Ltd. was established in 2000 as a shipbrokers company. Our aim is to offer demanded fleet to our customers and to supply the service with sophisticated product, such as MOA preparation, negotiation on BBHP, ship's registration advises, legal advises, etc.
We will be happy to have your purchase enquiry and/or list of vessels for sale to find a reliable candidate matching your requests. Rossfraght Co Ltd provides full range of services for handling cargoes, shipmanagement, chartering, services for vessels at the ports of the Russian Far East and in the world. Rossfraght Co., Ltd carries out the following activities in ports of the Russian Far East and around the world.:
1. Purchase & Sale of Ships.
2. Shipbroker's services.
3. Charterer and ships operators.
4. Sale & purchase of Fuel oil products.
5. Forwarding the cargoes.
6. Timber production export from Russia.
7. Bunkering operation for vessels in any port of the Russian Far East.
Rossfraght Co., Ltd has main office in Hong Kong and branch offices in Cyprus and in the port of Vladivostok, Russia . Rossfraght Co Ltd had brokerage business for S&P of below vessels for different shipowners since 2000. Rossfraght Co Ltd have sold solely, as well as participated in some s&p deals (see the list below): Sold: MV Klara Cetkin (Shipping Land Co Ltd South Korea), MV Yang (Wooyang Wando Co Ltd S.Korea) , MV Ivory (Hornsea Shipping Co Ltd Hong Kong), Mv Wind (Hornsea Shipping Co Ltd Hong Kong), MV Moana (Hornsea Merchant INC. Men Island England) , MV Kama (Ardis Co Ltd Russia) , MV Sea Pink (Explorer Navigation Co Ltd Belize), MV Destiny (Explorer Navigation Co Ltd Belize) , MV Finwhale (Explorer Navigation Co Ltd Belize), MT Trans Scandic (Euro Trans Skips AS), reefer carrier "Saga" from the Faroe Islands court auction, m/v"Asta" (Lithuanian Shipping Company, Lithuania), m/v"Yuriy Tarapurov" and other. Vessels under operation of Rossfraght Co Ltd delivered a lot of goods around the world. For example we fixed rice from Vietnam to Cape Verde for Japan government, cashew in bulk from West Africa to India , minerals in bulk. Our vessels had line service between China-Indonesia, China-Philippines, Russia-Japan, Malasya-South Korea, Columbia-Venezuela, Surinam-India.