- Opening a company in offshore zone , vessel's registration under foreign flags and issuance of the original shares for each shareholder of the company as per shares of the share holdings company.
- Searching for the vessel inquired for Buyers in the markets of the Asia, America, Europe..
- Conducting negotiations with Seller of the vessel and conclusion of agreements of purchase MOA ( Memorandum of Agreement.)
- Assistance in registering the vessels under flag and ship register of any country at Buyers' will.
- The juridical support of the deal by English lawyer to eliminate financial risks.
- Crew manning service to deliver the vessel to Buyers.
- Searching and fixing cargo from the port of delivery to next/home port.
- Chartering, making Charter party with juridical protection. Profit Calculation of the voyages
- Full control of the fixed voyage, contacts between Owner-Charterer-Consignee-Agents during whole voyage.
- Problems solution during voyage of the vessel, receiving demurrages-detention from the charterer if any.
- Vessel insurances in different P&I clubs and machinery insurances .
- The financial motivation for vessel's purchase and her trade during a period of mortgage.
- Evaluation of the Far East cargoes markets in vessel's supposed pots of call.
- Urgent company representative attendance to the port where the vessel have problems to solve them.
- Arranging ISM code, ISPS, for vessels and companies acting as Owners manager.